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Megaman Xtream

What do you get when you take a room, put the Megaman cast in it, throw in some extra characters, add a joke book and a few GOOD punchlines, add an author and mix it all together? You get Chaos. What do you get when you add a little sense and a few plots? You get Megaman Xtream. Updates: Fri-Sun

Megaman Xtream. Dead. Alive.

Yes, Megaman Xtream WAS the comic that died and was brought back, no, however, the first comics are not the origional. Megaman Xtream started solely because I'd read other MSC(megaman sprite comics), and I wanted to make one. My first comic ever, though was one of MS Painted stick figures. Then, I didn't read comics that much. Once I started reading them, I liked them. After a while, I had to make one.

I found Life of Wily, and I liked it. I found the sprites and boom. I got started. The first sprites, weren't small like most sprites. They were big, like as if they were firstly made in size "200". You know the size.

My first comics, sucked. But they always do, don't they? Heh heh...
I used some plots, messed people up, and discovered I did and tried to fix it. THEN, I FINALLY got Megaman Savy (you could say) And got it. My comics got better, and everything was honkey-dory. My sprite went from a Batman Recolor, to a Megaman Recolor, to a Megaman Recolor with Bass' helmet, and that is where it stayed.

That comic got so far. Almost 150...but then it died and 149 because of my stupid site! What do I do? Start NiB, and a year later, get it going again. I just hope it's as popular as before.

What can I say? I missed it.


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