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What do you get when you take a room, put the Megaman cast in it, throw in some extra characters, add a joke book and a few GOOD punchlines, add an author and mix it all together? You get Chaos. What do you get when you add a little sense and a few plots? You get Megaman Xtream. Updates: Fri-Sun

Myes. The old thing of this was ugly in HTML form, so I'm fixing the everluving crype out of it! :)
Ho-kay. So yes, the Sprite Comic Tips, thing has been done many times, but I people ask me a lot, "How do you you make that font" and "my comic isn't nearly as good as yours"

True it's probably just them having low self esteem and not trying, but because I got sick of saying it over and over, here are some tips for sprites! Some SPRITE COMIC TIPS! :D

Sprite Tip One
Rock speaks uber truth. When you have bright green and sky blue together, not only does the reader have to shield their eyes just to READ THE COMIC, but it can also hurt your eyes to make the comic, too. :D

Sprite Tip Two
Spelling and Grammar is it.

Spelling and grammar is very important in a sprite comic. Or any type of comic, for that matter. Because no one wants to sit there decoding what you've written all day. >.O Everyone makes typo's every here and there. Like right now, would it be "typoes" or "typo's" Either way, a small misspelling or forgotten period isn't going to make the readers flip out. Now, when you've got something like "hello how are you lol this is my comic havefn," it makes people go "..."
No one wants to read a comic like that. People prefer "Hello. How are you? Haha. This is my comic. Have fun!"
So that's kinda...bland, but you get the idea.
-tells you more about grammar- DId you learn anything from that? No! Using things like -scream- for screaming isn't enthusiastic, and kinda boring. Try using, "AAAAAH" instead of -scream- and see how must better and alive your comic seems.

Sprite Tip Three
G'lord. This one is important. Now, changing the script around is okay. Like with NiB, I changed some things, but I know the basic storyline. Who Megaman and Roll are, what REALLY happened to Dr. Light, stuff like that. Now, with MX, a long time ago I had this problem. I didn't know ANYTHING about Megaman...and my comic suffered. A lot. So, make sure you know something about your characters before you make a sprite comic about them. Or any comic.

Sprite Tip Four
PLEASE. I know it's hard. A lot of plots have been used before, and origionality is hard to come across, these days. But please, be as origional as you CAN. I mean, Time/Alternate Universe Travelling. When you've got those in your comics, it's sorta called "Pulling A Dave", because the author or BnG uses those plots a lot. But do your best, and if you try to be origional, and don't know someone else used the plot before you, tell them you didn't know. That easy.
Of course, there are those occasional accusers who don't believe a word you say, unless you admit to copyright infringement. xD But...meh...

Sprite Tip 5
Recolors. Perhaps the most annoying type of sprite to have. Sure, you have to recolor sprites to make new onces, but EDIT them as well. No one wants to see a comic of nothing my MEGAMAN clones. Plus, they're everywhere for crying out loud. Talk about no origionality. By edits, I'm not talking about a few extra lines, I'm talking about, giving it wings, a helmet, something different.
Editing can be hard. Making sure the lines aren't blocky, what looks right, what matches, but just don't be a recolor.

Sprite Tip 6
Have you ever checked your archive and seen four comments on a page and become excited about it? Well, what if one of them were your own author posts, a comment and an advertisement and a comment about the advertised comic? You wouldn't feel very happy, would you? Well neither does anyone else when you advertise YOUR comic on THEIR sites! What's worse is just going there to advertise, and not saying anything about the comic! It's spamming, truth be told, and no one likes a spammer. Also, people will attack you for spamming, so unless you plan on getting the crap kicked out of you in flames or you have permission to advertise, don't. It's a waste of comic space, really. Plus, don't expect the author of that comic to actually check out your comic. I mean, you've just spammed their comic, they're not going to go over and check out your comic! Unless they feel like dissing it. So, next time you want to advertise a comic, stop, drop and roll!
Seriously, commenting a comic is just as effective as advertising. You comment enough and eventually they'll check out your comic! :3

More SCT to come!


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