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Megaman Xtream

What do you get when you take a room, put the Megaman cast in it, throw in some extra characters, add a joke book and a few GOOD punchlines, add an author and mix it all together? You get Chaos. What do you get when you add a little sense and a few plots? You get Megaman Xtream. Updates: Fri-Sun

About Kaichii

Name: Copyright Beckerz [Don't ask, it's my alias. .___.;;]
Biography: I need money. :'D
Location: Silent Hill, Maryland
Interests: Writing, Drawing, Photoshop, Anime, Being a dork, Being AMAZING
Occupation: I has one? 8D

Yes, I'm remaking this because I didn't like the other one. :P Okeh, well, same as before, my name is Becky. Though I'll let you classify my age. :P Depending on what year it is. :D Kay, well, when I'm not updating, I'm feeling bad about it and trying to make myself update, so yeah, I always update when I don't. I think the longest I haven't updated has been a month or two. o O Almost missed my hundreth because of it. Okay well, read my comics, ya yuppies! :P


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